Thursday, June 11, 2009

Skirt Pattern

This is one of my first patterns that I've written (besides a pair of handwarmers)
I was really happy with the outcome. Basically the whole thing is very customizable. I'm made it in small size, but it would be easy to alter. As long as you get the waist band to be the right size, the rest of it you wont need to worry about that.

~Winter Skirt Pattern~
1. CO 100 sts(or more depending on the size desired, sorry im not exactly sure how many more, might have to play around with it) on 10.5 US needles.
2. Work in *K2,P2* rib for 5.5cm.
3. Work in stockinette for 4cm.
4. (Beginning of increases)At beginning of row, place a marker (use a color here so you know its the beginning), K1, Place second marker. K24, Place marker, K1, place marker, K23, place marker, K1, place marker, K25, place marker, K1, place marker,K23.
5.ODD ROWS: Knit entire round
6.EVEN ROWS: between each set of markers, increase once on both edge stitches (the ones right next to the markers) SO, two increases per round between each set of stitch markers. and 8 total increases per round.
7.Continue steps 5 and 6 until skirt flares out to enough to be to your like liking (you may need to put it on a peice of scrap yarn and try it on) the increases create a pleated effect with out the bulk of actual pleats.
8. Once youre satisfied with your "pleats", just knit stockinette until desired lenght. You may want to switch to a row or two of garter stitch at the end if you do not want your hem curling up a bit. I however, happen to like that look with the skirt, so I let it curl. ( Well actually I just knit it and forgot about the fact that this would happen, but it was a happy accident because I like the result.)
9.Finishing- measure a peice of elastic that fits comfortably around your waist. cut this lenght, and then sew together at the ends, creating a circle. Put aside for now....and mean while. Pick up and knit, 100 stitches from top edge (waistband edge) of skirt. Work in stockinette for 5 cm. This will be folded to the inside creating a double layer waist band.
10. Using same yarn, sew in elastic making sure your sewing zigzags (to allow stretch) then fold second layer of the waistband to the inside and stitch down (still using same yarn and zigzag stitch)
11. Wear it! This skirt looks cute with winter stockings and tights.

(questions on any of the instructions? let me know)


  1. I was just wondering what your guage was for this pattern. If you don't know that's fine. but it would be easier to make is I knew this. Thanks,

  2. my gauge for this was 4 stitches per inch